Chicken Donburi

Chicken Donburi

Donburi is quintessential Japanese comfort food. The base layer is a basic sushi rice bowl but then what sits on top can consist of any variety of meat and vegetables. This chicken donburi recipe is a very well-balanced combination that might not be a typical way of presenting food, but I think it is good […]

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Door Stretch

Do The Splits: Week Four

Now you should really be noticing a difference! If you’ve finished last week’s exercises, you can now move on to week four. Week 4 BASIC STRETCH: Towel Stretch (see week one) BASIC STRETCH: Sumo Stretch (see week one) WEEK 4 STRETCH: Door Stretch Find a doorway where the walls on either side are in the […]

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Sumo Stretch 2

Do The Splits: Week Three

For four weeks, you’ll do three stretches each day: two basic stretches, and a third which changes each week. Remember to do the previous week’s exercises before moving on. Week 3 BASIC STRETCH: Towel Stretch (see week one) BASIC STRETCH: Sumo Stretch (see week one) WEEK 3 STRETCH: Chair Stretch Straddle the chair facing the seat […]

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5 Simple Self-Care Tips

‘Self-care’ is the new buzzword in health and wellbeing – the idea being that if you take steps to look after yourself then you’ll be able to deal with life’s stresses and strains more effectively. If you’re well-nourished, feeling energised and your mind is calm, then anything is possible. If, however, your system is out […]

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Wild Swimming

Meet The Wild Swimming Brothers

MEET JACK, CALUM AND ROBBIE HUDSON – three brothers born in the English pie-eating county called Yorkshire. As kids, they loved nothing more than exploring the outdoors together, kayaking with seals and porpoises in Scottish lochs or paddling with Snappy, their big inflatable crocodile, off the beaches of Devon. As they reached adulthood they noticed […]

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Shona Home Workout

The Best Apps and Online Classes for Yoga At Home

Sometimes the effort of actually going to a gym or class is all it takes to put us off. It gives us the opportunity to forget our kit. It might be a cost we can’t quite afford right now. But this really shouldn’t put us off having a stretch everyday. You can use these apps/online […]

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10 Reasons to Lift Weights by Shona Vertue

Introducing weights into my fitness regime changed my shape, my yoga practice, my body composition, my confidence and my headspace – I guess it changed my life. While there are certainly plenty of incredible bodies out there that train without weights, including gymnasts and dancers who usually only train using their body weight, I believe […]

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Ice Cream Girl

Ice Cream for Breakfast – or – Things You Deserve

Ice Cream for Breakfast means knowing what the grown-up rules are, and bending them for shits and giggles. For the thrill of it. Questioning what we ‘should’ do and doing what makes us cheerier, instead. We can’t have ice cream for breakfast every day, but when we do it is naughty and freeing and cheeky […]

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10 Tips for Sleeping Well

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, regulating your sleep is really important. Here we have 10 tips for sleeping well, from Peace Of Mind: A Book Of Calm For Busy Mums by Georgina Rodgers £12.99 Naturally regulate your sleep–awake cycle: Do you remember when you first brought your newborn baby home and you had […]

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Best London Swimming Spots

If you’re not at the beach right now but desperate for a swim, we have some recommendations for you! In the city we’ve noticed increasingly varied swimming opportunities- from ponds and pools to rivers and restored lidos. We love them all for different reasons and here are our favourites, beautifully illustrated by Emma Cowlam, who […]

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