The Midnight Shower

This summer we’re experiencing a rare, almost mythical occurrence in the UK; an actual, real life heat wave. Other countries where 35-degree weather is the summer norm may mock us for our flushed, sweaty faces and our civic infrastructure’s inability to cope with three days of sunny weather, but we know that as a people, […]

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Tips for Sleeping and Waking from A Simple Table

Nowadays, there’s a general assumption that the less you sleep, the harder you’re working. However, at what cost? Getting some precious shut-eye is vital to regulate the hormones you need to keep your body in check, as well as keeping your energy levels up. There are more and more studies to show the importance of […]

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Defeat the Darkness with Sleep Hygiene

When you’re experiencing any kind of mental health crisis – or simply living with a chronic mental illness – one of the first things to be affected is, inevitably, your sleep. You sleep too much, or you get out of a healthy sleeping routine, or you simply don’t sleep at all. But although you might […]

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10 Tips for Sleeping Well

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, regulating your sleep is really important. Here we have 10 tips for sleeping well, from Peace Of Mind: A Book Of Calm For Busy Mums by Georgina Rodgers £12.99 Naturally regulate your sleep–awake cycle: Do you remember when you first brought your newborn baby home and you had […]

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Apps To Fix Your Problems

From the physical to the financial, there’s an app for that problem. It can get overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a team who are constantly trying apps out and reporting on the ones they find really fix everyday problems. Here’s our shortlist of apps you have to try: Noisli helps to quiet your mind after a […]

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