Staying Alive in Toxic Times: Tips for Winter

Winter is a time to withdraw a little, to wrap up warm and hunker down; in fact, to partially hibernate. It’s a time to consolidate but not to start new projects, especially not ambitious plans like a weight-loss diet, which has a far better chance of success in the spring. In winter, nature is telling […]

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How to Unf*ck Yourself

‘You are not defined by what’s inside your head. You are what you do. Your actions.’ – Unf*ck Yourself, p.117 I believe you can change your life. I also believe it’s a lot of hard fucking work. Here’s what’s important: the more you are up against, the more power you’ll have to recognize and transcend […]

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Sunset Relationship Patterns

Understand your relationship patterns

Imagine that we create our reality and everything we see, hear and feel in the outside world. We’re attracting people and experiences that respond to the signals from our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. We’re constantly sending out information to the universe, and the universe reflects this back to us. In this way, we’re creating our […]

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The Midnight Shower

This summer we’re experiencing a rare, almost mythical occurrence in the UK; an actual, real life heat wave. Other countries where 35-degree weather is the summer norm may mock us for our flushed, sweaty faces and our civic infrastructure’s inability to cope with three days of sunny weather, but we know that as a people, […]

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5 Simple Self-Care Tips

‘Self-care’ is the new buzzword in health and wellbeing – the idea being that if you take steps to look after yourself then you’ll be able to deal with life’s stresses and strains more effectively. If you’re well-nourished, feeling energised and your mind is calm, then anything is possible. If, however, your system is out […]

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