Walk With Your Wolf

As a society, we’re suffering from a full-blown epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression. You know this, because you’re one of the people affected, or because you know someone who is. You feel you’ve neither the space nor the time to relax, unwind and simply ‘be’. Your phone bleeps constantly. There seems no end to […]

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Walk With Your Wolf: Unlock your intuition, confidence & power

Nature is our greatest healer. It’s time to start walking and reclaim the wildness in all of us. When did you last take a walk? Not a stroll to the shops, or to the pub, but a walk that got you energised, stimulated your senses, allowing you to de-stress? If the answer is that you’d love […]

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Swim Wild

A Calming Hobby For The New Year: Wild Swimming As Meditation

STILL WONDERING WHAT NEW HOBBY TO TAKE UP THIS YEAR? Fear not, we’ve got a very special one for you. Often when you ask someone if they’ve heard about this relatively newfangled hobby called wild swimming they cast a confused look at you. When you go on to explain that it’s simply swimming outdoors in […]

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Wild Swimming

Meet The Wild Swimming Brothers

MEET JACK, CALUM AND ROBBIE HUDSON – three brothers born in the English pie-eating county called Yorkshire. As kids, they loved nothing more than exploring the outdoors together, kayaking with seals and porpoises in Scottish lochs or paddling with Snappy, their big inflatable crocodile, off the beaches of Devon. As they reached adulthood they noticed […]

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