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A Monk’s Guide to Happiness

In June 2009 I emerged from a meditation retreat that had lasted four years. It was an intensive programme alongside 20 other monks, in a remote old farmhouse on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. […]

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Mindfulness vs Meditation: What’s The Difference?

In any one day there are moments where there is nothing going on but we link up thought to thought, without any space, and overlook the spaciousness it’s all happening in. —Gangaji Mindfulness and meditation […]

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Exercises in Mindfulness & Kindfulness from Padraig O’Morain

We all know what it’s like to feel overcome by worry, to suffer the aches of tension in our body, to catch that critical little voice inside telling us we must be better. Mindfulness – […]

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Express meditation with Kankyo Tannier, buddhist nun & author

Do you struggle to find peace and quiet? Do you yearn to disconnect, find an escape, slow down and just breathe? Are you overwhelmed by modern life? Rooted in the ancient Zen philosophies that ground […]

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Wild Swimming As Meditation

When you ask someone if they’ve heard about this relatively newfangled hobby called wild swimming they may cast a confused look at you. When you go on to explain that it’s simply swimming outdoors in […]

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How To Be Less Anxious: A Life Tonic by Jody Shield

When’s the last time you felt anxious? Often it’s hard to tell, as we’re so used to it being a part of who we are. The symptoms come on suddenly and can quickly become overpowering. […]

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The obstacles to happiness and how to overcome them

Everyone has their own obstacles to happiness. Perhaps it is regret for a missed opportunity, jealousy that someone else seems to be doing better than you or worry about financial planning. Some obstacles are beyond […]

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