Life By Design

Living Life by Design

Did you ever want to be more or have more in your life? Even if you’ve accomplished all you’ve dreamed of or desired, perhaps you’ve noticed that there’s a part of you that keeps nudging you toward whatever is next. As I’ve made my way through life, I, too, have always desired more. I didn’t […]

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Sunset Relationship Patterns

Understand your relationship patterns

Imagine that we create our reality and everything we see, hear and feel in the outside world. We’re attracting people and experiences that respond to the signals from our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. We’re constantly sending out information to the universe, and the universe reflects this back to us. In this way, we’re creating our […]

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Kintsugi, or how to repair your life after it’s been broken

Kintsugi (‘golden joinery’) is the ancient Japanese art of repairing what has been broken. When a ceramic piece breaks, the masters of kintsugi repair it with gold, leaving the reconstruction highly visible, because, for them, a reconstructed piece is a symbol of fragility, strength and beauty. Ceramics are fragile, strong and beautiful at the same […]

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State of Affairs Matches

A Window into the Human Heart

Affairs have a lot to teach us about relationships. They open the door to a deeper examination of values, human nature, and the power of eros. They force us to grapple with some of the most unsettling questions: What draws people outside the lines they worked so hard to establish? Why does sexual betrayal hurt […]

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The Sweet Life

It’s great to be here. It’s great to be anywhere. —Keith Richards; Rock God, connoisseur of life I’ve got a cat who’s twenty-two years old. I’ve also got a dad who’s eighty-seven. The cat and my dad share the same superhero power: They both have the ability to make me pay lots of attention to […]

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LJW Festival

How Authentic Are Your Relationships?

The funny thing about meeting people ‘on the road’ is how different they seem back in their own, true worlds. When I was backpacking in India as a twenty-year-old, I made a group of friends on a Goan beach, all flimsy, off-the-shoulder cotton tops to best show off bronzed skin and baggy harem pants picked […]

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Future Tree

Some Peace of Mind for Mother’s Day

One of the lovely ideas for calm and meditation in Peace of Mind by Georgina Rogers is to draw a future tree. Starting with the tree outline, like in the image above, draw branches off full of your future plans, hopes and dreams. You can reflect on these as you do so and whenever you see it […]

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10 Steps for Mind Body Balance from Mind Body Baby

Step 1: A Healthy Mind Promotes a Healthy Body Understanding how repeated stress can impact on your body can help you to move out of automatic pilot and become more aware of the symptoms before they escalate. Step 2: Take Charge of your Mind–Body Fertility Health Mindfulness increases our ability to recognize our stress triggers […]

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Stormy weather

What to do when Happily-Ever-Afters don’t last

We enter our romantic relationships with great love, hope and excitement – we’ve found ‘the one’, so we plan and forge our happily-ever-afters together. But sometimes, for many different reasons, relationships come undone; they don’t work out. Commonly we view this as a personal failure rather than an opportunity. And instead of honouring what we […]

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Read Well

Yellow Kite Online Festival 2016 Programme

We’re so excited to reveal highlights from the Yellow Kite Online Festival 2016 Programme! Over the course of Thursday 28th- Friday 29th January, we’ll be sharing brilliant insights into how to live well from Yellow Kite authors. You can expect to see something new- a video, audio extract, recipe, top tips or feature- every hour […]

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