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Some Peace of Mind for Mother’s Day

One of the lovely ideas for calm and meditation in Peace of Mind by Georgina Rogers is to draw a future tree. Starting with the tree outline, like in the image above, draw branches off full of your future plans, hopes and dreams. You can reflect on these as you do so and whenever you see it afterwards. It’s also a good activity to try with your kids! Georgina wrote us a short piece specifically for Mother’s Day about her own family and keeping  her peace of mind:

‘Since having my eldest daughter three years ago, Mother’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me. As well as appreciating my own mum more than ever (those words ‘one day when you’re a mother you’ll understand’ are scarily starting to ring true!), the day has a different significance. Rather than wishing my life away, so I finally get time to go to the toilet without an audience, a cup of tea in peace and an uninterrupted night’s sleep, I try to focus on positives. To my eldest I am her ally, play mate and best friend and to my youngest – who is nine months – I am the centre of her world. It’s exhausting, draining, wearing, exciting, worrisome and a million other things but on each Mother’s Day I count my blessings and think about how lucky I am.’ – Georgina Rogers, author of Peace of Mind

Also from the book, here are 5 yoga poses for relaxation, with or without children. We love the last one!

Standing Forward Bend

Child's Pose

Seated Forward Bend

Supine Spinal Twist

Corpse Pose