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What to do when Happily-Ever-Afters don’t last

We enter our romantic relationships with great love, hope and excitement – we’ve found ‘the one’, so we plan and forge our happily-ever-afters together. But sometimes, for many different reasons, relationships come undone; they don’t work out. Commonly we view this as a personal failure rather than an opportunity. And instead of honouring what we once meant to each other, we hoard bitterness and anger, stewing in shame and resentment. That’s natural: we’re almost biologically primed to respond this way. Yet there is another path to the end of a relationship – one filled with mutual respect, kindness, and deep caring. Katherine Woodward Thomas’s ground-breaking work in this method of Conscious Uncoupling provides the valuable skills and tools for you to travel that path. Here she tells us a bit more about what it all means to her: