What is Metabolism?

Let’s start with the basics. The term metabolism comes from the Greek word for “change.” Your metabolism transforms the food you eat into energy via a kaleidoscope of life sustaining chemical reactions that mostly occur at the level of the cell. But metabolism affects much more than how many calories you can consume each day […]

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Killerbody Plan

The Killerbody Plan

Are you ready to get that Killerbody you’ve always dreamed of? Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get lean or eat healthier – Fajah Lourens’ No. 1 bestselling The Killerbody Plan will motivate you to reach your goals and achieve a strong, beautiful body you love, with lasting results. This accessible 12-week programme includes fuss-free […]

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Sirtfood Green Juice

Sirtfood Green Juice: Feel Well and Look Fantastic

When was the last time you felt truly well and looked fantastic? The New Year is awash with fad diets that promise to change all this but seldom deliver benefits beyond an initial weight loss flourish that evaporates into thin air well before the first green shoots of spring. With 99% of people embarking on […]

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Team Yellow Kite go The Whole 30

THE PLAN: A handful of us at Yellow Kite are going to be taking on the challenge of a WHOLE 30 ourselves! What is a whole 30? Well, it’s a 30-day nutritional challenge designed to reset your health and help break unhealthy patterns of behaviour, stop stress-related comfort eating and reduce cravings. The programme was […]

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