Kindfulness : The trend of self-compassion

It was reported recently in the Guardian, in a piece on recent ‘up lit’ novels, that kindness is making its mark in the literary world, with big-hearted stories featuring tenderness, companionship and compassion rising to the top of the bestseller charts and infiltrating our reading. This was no surprise to us at Yellow Kite – […]

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Boys Don’t Cry : Why I hid my depression and why men need to talk about their mental health

Meet Tim. For nearly a decade he kept his depression secret. It made him feel so weak and shameful he thought it would destroy his whole life if anyone found out. And Tim is not alone. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged 20-45 in the UK. Depression and undiagnosed mental illness are huge […]

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A Beginner's Guide to Losing Your Mind

A Beginner’s Guide To Losing Your Mind

‘This is a funny, brutal, kind, sobering, remarkably brave and clear-eyed book. Compelling and necessary.’ Warren Ellis, author of Normal, Gun Machine and Transmetropolitan ‘Emily Reynolds is a brilliant writer on an important subject. And hilarious too.’ Adam Rutherford ‘This book isn’t just brilliantly written and welcoming in its tone; it’s honest, practical and important. […]

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Dear Michael

Your Child & Depression – What You Need To Know

My eldest son, Michael, went to university in 2007 and, over the next three years, became depressed and anorexic. Throughout that time, my letters and emails to him were full of laughter and good humour. It was only when he was hospitalised and then transferred to The Priory that I, and our family, truly realised […]

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Lake View

Staring At Lakes: on dealing with depression and joy

Throughout his life, Michael Harding lived with a sense of emptiness. Through priesthood, marriage, fatherhood and his career as a writer, a pervading sense of darkness and unease remained. When he was fifty-eight, he became physically ill and found himself in the grip of a deep melancholy. Here, in this beautifully written memoir, he talks […]

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