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The World in a Circle- Mandalas and Mindfulness

What is a mandala and how are mandalas and mindfulness linked? The mandala has long been used in Tibetan Buddhism to enhance meditation practice. The way the mandala is created follows well-established principles – the large circle containing other geometric patterns, the colours that are used and the various elements it comprises – all have a significance.

Why do we find mandala drawings so attractive? Could it be because of their exotic nature, their spiritual meaning or quite simply their colours and patterns? In fact, circles have a powerful symbolism across all ancient civilisations. Regardless of where we come from, they are familiar to us. Having neither a beginning nor an end, the circle mirrors the universe, the movement of the stars, creation, the cycle of life and the passage of time. The circle envelops and protects us. Consider also that towns are surrounded by ramparts, and that across the centuries men and women have worn rings, bracelets and belts to protect themselves from negative influences.


In 100 Mandalas for Mindfulness Jean-Luc Guérin has adopted the concept of the circular mandala for mindful meditation, offering an opportunity for you to be creative and make something new. The book is filled with unique illustrations that invite you to think outside the box, to be daring with colour and try new techniques: felt-tips, pencils, ballpoint pens, and glitter.

Focus, relax and perhaps try drawing some of your own mandalas for mindfulness.