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Every Day Can Be a Good Day

Hazel Gale, author of The Mind Monster Solution, cognitive hypnotherapist and former kickboxing world champion is sharing with us the 5 life-changing things she learned being a therapist.

5. Every day can be a good day

Bring all these points together and you get this:

At any moment, on any day, we always have a choice in how we feel.

So, do we choose to feel victimised by the thoughts in our mind, the feelings in our body or rubbish things that happen to us? Or, do we opt for happiness?

A client of mine returned from a yoga retreat a few weeks ago, beaming because of something a Buddhist monk had told her. He had simply said that “happiness is a practice”. We can create contentedness by waking up in the morning and choosing to to feel OK.

Yes, it will be harder on some days than others, and I’m not suggesting we can dismiss all discomfort. But, thanks to what I’ve learned from inspiring client after inspiring client, I thoroughly believe that we can think ourselves into a state of OK.

So what would you like to create for yourself today?

And… if a little voice just piped up to say, “Yes, but I can’t do that because…”, then you can thank Mickey for his input, but kindly remind him that he can’t tell you how to live your life.

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