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Sun Salutation Meditation with Shona Vertue

This is a moving meditation, commonly known in yoga as the Sun Salutation. Record the below script onto your phone, explaining the details very slowly so that your movement matches the pace of a slow breath. Make sure you read everything within this script, including the breath.

The practice
Roll out your mat and come to stand in Tadasana. Take 5 deep breaths here with your eyes closed to enable your mind to focus. Press play on your recording device to begin.

Inhale – Reach your arms above your head.
Exhale – Fold forwards, bringing your hands towards the floor.
Inhale – Place the hands on the shins, flatten the back and look forwards.
Hold the breath – Step into a lunge position.
Exhale – Step into a push-up position* and lower.
Inhale – Push into the arms to lift your chest and come into a back bend. Keep your knees, hips and thighs off the floor.
Exhale – Press back into downward facing dog. Stay here for 5 breaths. (Breathe on your recording so you can keep the timing of 5 breaths.)
Inhale – Bend your knees and look forwards.
Exhale – Step the feet to the hands and fold your head towards your shins.
Inhale – Lift the body and reach up to the sky.
Exhale – Bring your hands to prayer at the heart.

Repeat the sequence five times.

Who’s it for?

• Those who are feeling stiff and tight or sluggish.
• Anyone feeling busy in the mind and requires physical movement to focus upon.
• Great for those who feel restless when meditating.

*Don’t worry if you don’t have the strength for a full push-up; drop your knees to the floor before lowering your chest.