Deliciously Ella’s Five-Bean Chilli with Cornbread

I think this has been one of our most requested recipes. I can’t begin to count the number of emails I’ve had asking for it, so I’m really excited to finally share it with you. Both the chilli and the corn bread are surprisingly easy to make and they taste so incredibly good! The chilli […]

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Deliciously Ella’s Almond Victoria Cake Recipe

We’ve made this cake to celebrate team birthdays at our office more times than I can remember and everyone loves it. It used to be called a MaE cake in the deli, so if you’re looking for that recipe this is it! I know lots of people get worried about baking cakes, and think they’re […]

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Deliciously Ella’s Chocolate Fudge Torte Recipe

I ate so many pieces of this torte while we were testing the recipe! It’s rich, indulgent and chocolatey with a lovely mix of ground almonds, maple and dates. for the chocolate torte300g ground almonds150g buckwheat flour50g cacao powder50g coconut sugarpinch of sea salt200ml maple syrup100ml date syrup200ml almond milkthe water from 1 × 400g […]

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Deliciously Ella’s Mushroom and Cauliflower Risotto Recipe

When we’re catering for guests who may be a little sceptical of a vegan meal we tend to go with dishes that feel familiar and accessible, like a risotto. Here we swapped the traditional butter and cheese for almond milk and nutritional yeast, which I know sounds weird but it works. Cooking the rice in […]

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Beetroot Curry

Beetroot Curry from Khazana

The traditional way of eating beetroot in Pakistan is as part of a rich, spicy lamb curry. And while my carnivorous side loves cooking lamb with beets, there is no denying the alluring simplicity of how the ruby rich beetroot is treated in this dish. Perfect with lashings of sour cream and a flatbread of […]

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Deliciously Ella’s Sri Lankan Curry Recipe

I cook big curries like this a lot for my friends and family and they’re always a hit. They’re also a good way of introducing people to plant-based meals, as a curry feels familiar. This one is a particular favourite, as it’s got so much flavour. The squash is tossed with curry powder and roasted […]

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Corn Fritters

Deliciously Ella’s Sweetcorn Fritters Recipe

These fritters are the basis of our go-to brunch and I can’t begin to count the number of requests we’ve had for this recipe, so I hope you all enjoy making them at home. They’re absolutely incredible with the avocado smash and our smoky baked beans, or else simply pile them high with garlicky sautéed […]

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Courgette Pea and Mint Soup

Courgette, Pea and Mint Soup

This is a beautiful and vibrant soup that will boost your vegetable intake for the day. I don’t see many people taking flasks to work these days and I think it’s a real shame; home-made soup is such a fabulous lunchtime option and is a great way to save some pennies! Reheating this soup is […]

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Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpeas and Kale Salad

From rice to steaks, cauliflower seems to be the hottest vegetable on the block. It’s incredibly versatile and works as a great low-calorie substitute for starchy carbohydrates, such as rice and potato. I love roasting it in turmeric because of the incredible flavour, and colour, it gives the dish. Turmeric actually contains anti-inflammatory properties and […]

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Crunchy Veg

Crunchy Vegetables and Peanut Sauce

This is our version of a gado gado – an Indonesian salad dish made up of lightly boiled and raw vegetables, topped with tofu or egg and then this incredibly delicious, moreish peanut sauce, which pulls the dish together. Great for gatherings, it’s interactive, incredibly tasty and good for you. And the bonus is sometimes […]

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