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Top 10 Life Nuggets from Addictive Daughter

Have you heard of the Life Nuggets from Addictive Daughter? You will want to pass these on!

The Inner Fix is a brilliant book about how to get your insides right, written by Addictive Daughter (Persia Lawson and Joey Bradford). These two best friends got caught in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour in their mid 20’s. Prompted by simultaneous relationship break-downs, they set out to get addicted to the good stuff together and in the process founded a movement that aims to remove stigma from self-help and spirituality and make it accessible.

Every week, Persia and Joey share a short ‘Life Nugget’ video that offers support and guidance for one area of modern life. Practical tips to keep you moving forward, the Nuggets will inspire you to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself – inside and out.

Here they’ve chosen their top 10 Life Nuggets to give you a taste:

1- The F*ck It Button: How To Use The Most Dangerous Mentality To Your Advantage

2- What To Do When He/ She Doesn’t Call 

3- MONEY SHAMING: Why We Do It & How To Handle It

4- Do You Have Full-Blown Arguments With People In Your Head? WATCH THIS. 

5- How To Deal With People Who Trigger You

6- The 4 Word Mantra To Get You Through Tough Times

7- 3 Questions To Ask Before You Sleep With Him/ Her

8- The Surprising Benefits Of Smoking, Boozing & Over-eating

9- ‪“It’s Not Good Enough!” Overcome Perfectionism With This One Vital Step‪

10- What To Do When Your Ex Hooks Up With Someone Else

Let us know if the Life Nuggets help you find your #innerfix on Twitter @YellowKiteBooks and @AddictiveDau