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Mindful Origami – Fold a Butterfly

My four P’s for Mindful Origami (these are also valid for life in general!) are:

Perspective – don’t take it too seriously

Persistence- you only fail when you give up

Patience- any skill will take time to learn

Practise- only with continuous practise will you become proficient


In the study of chaos theory there is a concept called the butterfly effect. It was first used in weather prediction when meteorologist Edward Lorenz found that tiny changes in his forecast prediction calculations would produce vastly different results- for example the origins of a hurricane in Texas could be influenced by tiny perturbations in the system, such as a butterfly flapping it’s wing in Brazil. The idea is that a seemingly trivial change can have dramatic consequences.

As you fold a butterfly, consider the small changes that you could make in your life to make it happier. When we set out to improve ourselves we need to begin with small incremental changes.