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The Best Soup Recipes

Nutritionists urge us to eat five- seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day but doing that can be difficult. A warm bowl of soup not only hits the spot on a cold day, but helps us eat more vegetables, so we made a list of the best soup recipes! Homemade soup is usually a much better choice than canned soup, because it has less salt and sugar added, and you can freeze portions for dinners over the course of the week.

Reasons why soup is the best cure-all meal for winter include:

  • Vitamins
    Cooked soups aren’t usually high in vitamin C because it is heat-sensitive, but they do provide lots of other nutrients. The absolute best are vegetable soup and chicken noodle soups as each has almost 50% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin A and more than 10% of selenium and potassium.
  • Satisfaction
    Unlike juices, soups can be almost as filling as a solid food meal. If you include protein in your soup it should keep hunger locked up!
  • Low calories
    At a time of year when chocolates and big meals dominate special occasions, broth-based soups have few calories, helping you lose weight and stay slim.

With this in mind, we think the best soup recipes are:
Go Lean Vegan Ramen Noodle Tofu Bowl

Sirtfood Kale and Walnut Soup

Sirtfood Tuscan Bean Stew

We hope you enjoy! What’s your favourite soup recipe?