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Behind The Scenes on a FODMAP Food Shoot

Malou Burger is a freelance food and lifestyle photographer based in London. She absolutely loves her work and every assignment she does. She has huge range of clients and shoots many varied jobs ranging from advertising campaigns, through to packaging and her biggest love of all- cookbooks. We chatted to her about the FODMAP Friendly Kitchen cookbook shoot…

Did you know about FODMAP before this shoot?

No, I had never heard of FODMAP before, but just a couple of weeks before the shoot a friend of mine was suffering terribly and had terrible stomach pain. He will be the first person to be getting a copy of the book as the doctor has suggested he eats very similar foods to those in the book.

How does this shoot differ from other cookbook shoots you’ve done?

We ate all the food that we shot for cookbook for lunch, and there were squeaks of delight as different recipes were tasted. I don’t think ever been quite so well fed on a cookbook before! I also don’t usually learn quite so much about food when we are shooting it. The shoot was such fun- great team spirit and a great experience.

What’s been your favourite part/recipe of today?

I absolutely love the ‘lazy baked eggs with spicy tomatoes’. It is super quick to make, tastes amazing and it is my new favourite to always cook for breakfast if I have friends to stay.

As with any food shoot, the cookbook editor then goes through all the photos and choose their favourites. These are laid out with the recipe text by a designer and the author checks it all looks as they imagined it would.