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How to Optimise Fertility and Reduce Stress

To celebrate publication day of Mind Body Baby by Ann Bracken, we hosted a live Q&A with the author on social media.

Ann is a top fertility specialist, with years of experience as a Fertility Counsellor and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapist. Her brilliant book is all about using CBT and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques which have been scientifically proven to help overcome the stress, low mood and anxiety associated with fertility problems. In Mind Body Baby, Ann examines the emotional issues around fertility and conception and offers step-by-step exercises to help readers improve their chances of conceiving and improve their well-being in the process. It also includes interesting chapters on how to manage your fertility journey and the relationship between stress and fertility is explained clearly. Importantly, the book offers clear steps on how to enhance your chances and also support your relationships whether undertaking natural or assisted fertility treatment. It also offers clear guidance on what to consider when embarking on fertility tests or undergoing IUI, IVF or treatment with donation. Learn important assertiveness skills to use in the consultation room, at work or with a difficult relative when being asked awkward questions about your fertility! With a whole chapter on nutrition by renowned nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville, the integrated mind/body approach in this book offers a plan for the best possible chance of getting pregnant.

The selection from our Q&A below gives you a taste of the sort of thing you can find in the book, do contact us on @yellowkitebooks with any other queries #MindBodyBaby

Q: I’m so discouraged and sad due to the long waiting process with IVF. What can I do to get through this?
A: Journaling can provide a space to express and let go of difficult emotions, enhancing clarity and inner strength whilst waiting.

Q: I’m overwhelmed by the jargon at the doctors, how can I stay calm when there’s so much to process?
A: It’s helpful to write your Q’s before your Dr visit. Mindfulness-based stress reduction will help you with relaxation and wellbeing

Q: I want to take a break from treatment but I don’t know how to tell my partner or my doctor.
A: It’s important to care for your needs, well done! Assertiveness skills can help clarify your reasons and effectively express how you feel.

Q: I have PCOS, does that mean I have to have IVF? What are my options?
A: The good news is lifestyle & dietary changes can greatly improve PCOS. Fertility medication and IVF are also very successful for pregnancy.