Nutcessity Brand Founder: A Day in the Life

A tree-nut lover with a peanut allergy, Mike Duckworth started Nutcessity in Bristol in 2016 to make disruptive, natural nut butters. Mike says: Generally I’ll get up at 6 and put the kettle on, or check social media and e-mails (I’m trying to get better at taking it slower and planning the day). If I’m […]

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Grazia Journalist: A Day In The Life

Emily Phillips is a journalist and works at Grazia weekly magazine as Senior Commissioning Editor for Features & Culture, covering the latest news, thought-provoking opinion pieces and trends. Emily says: I’m a useless morning person. Raising me is like raising the dead, but when I’m up, I get ready (shower, get dressed, a lot of […]

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Cowshed products

Cowshed Product Developer: A Day In The Life

Cathy Rose is Senior Product Developer at Cowshed, Cheeky and Neville. Cowshed opened it’s first spa in the old cow shed at Babington House in Somerset in 1998 and now has locations in Berlin, Istanbul, Chicago and New York to name just a few. It still promotes the essence of an English country garden, using […]

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