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Rhiannon Lambert: A Day In The Life

Rhiannon Lambert is a nutritionist specialising in weight management, eating disorders and sports nutrition. She is the founder of Rhitrition, a leading Harley Street private clinic.

Rhiannon says: On a typical busy day, I wake up at 7am with a glass of water to rehydrate and a matcha green tea to kick-start my morning. After a protein and fibre rich breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on rye bread, I always try and squeeze in a workout or at the very least some stretching before walking to Harley Street.

No day is the same for me but whether I’m in clinic or not, I tend to start from 9am otherwise there’s never enough hours in the day to get everything done! I work alongside a team of health professionals and my clientele are very diverse. Regular clients include sportspeople and television personalities, and I find myself increasingly working on eating disorders in men and women of all ages. Consulations and subsequently writing up bespoke nutritional guidance takes up most of my day, but I also consult with companies about product development and marketing. Despite trying to switch off as soon as I get home, there is always the temptation to respond to emails. I think the most fulfilling jobs are ones that offer you the opportunity to help others. The time I spend with my clients one to one is such a humbling experience. My least favourite part of my job has to be spreadsheets and formulas, they have something against me!

Growing up in an unassuming town in Wiltshire, I really wanted to move away from my (now closed) troubled school and succeed as a professional singer. I left home at 16 years old to study, and won Classic FM’s Young Musician of the Year at 17. I became a professional soprano, training at the Royal Academy of Music. It was through my experience as a singer that I realised the importance of fuelling your body properly and staying true to yourself. A lot of the music industry is unfortunately dictated by appearances, and I witnessed a lot of poor eating and suffered myself from malnourishment. This was something I felt very uncomfortable with. I wanted to empower myself with education to cope with the demands of the industry, so I could be the best performer possible. I decided to enrol in university as a mature student to study nutrition.


I would encourage all aspiring nutritionists to obtain a university education and seek as much work experience as possible, with a broad range of health professionals. I’ve always been an empathic person and compassion has also definitely helped me become the nutritionist I am today. Having myself felt the impact of poor nutrition, I am a firm believer that correct nutrition can change everything in life from the way we think to the way we feel. The most useful advice I’ve recieved is that you shouldn’t let anyone else’s perception of you (unless it’s absolutely fabulous!) become how you see yourself AND always treat others how you would like to be treated. I am so lucky to have mentors who I also see as friends and without these passionate educators, I would not be in the position I am today.

As a mid-morning snack, I have a nut jar (limiting myself to a handful!) before a tupperware lunch often containing leftovers from dinner the night before. An afternoon snack of an apple or some avocado and rice cakes will keep me going until a quick and simple home-cooked meal, typically pan-fried white fish on a bed of greens with some sweet potato wedges. A protein pancake with berries often follows with a relaxing chamomile tea to send me to sleep. I may finish in clinic at 8pm and I don’t ever truly feel I can switch off during the working week so I make a habit of leaving London as often as possible at weekends, in search of a cosy fire where I can enjoy a cup of tea without a care in the world! I also really love doing a mix of classes to unwind, with everything from yoga to circuits.

My dream job was always to play Christine in Phantom of the Opera! Having had my time as a professional soprano, I now just make the most of every opportunity to sing I can.

I couldn’t possibly pick just 3 online sources of inspiration but I am very conscious of only following those people who are positive and make me feel good about myself.

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