The Story Behind Kilted Yoga

In 2016 I was asked to become a contributor to BBC The Social, an online platform that features creative people across Scotland. Kilts in hand, Tristan and I went to the Hermitage in Perthshire; it reminded me of where I grew up and its setting encapsulates features of the Scottish landscape. We were freezing the whole time, especially when shooting that final ‘cheeky’ headstand at the end!


The afternoon the video went out I was teaching. After my first one-hour class, I saw that we had passed 1 million views. After the second class, I was shocked to see that we now had 2 million views. By the next morning we had hit 17 million and I called Tristan, shaking and yelling!

Articles appeared in Cosmopolitan, People, The New York Times, Mashable and Insider, and the story was picked up by news stations all over the world. While waiting in the BBC green room for an interview, we were speaking live to news channels in Australia. This culminated in us representing Visit Scotland on the Tartan Day Parade in New York, doing yoga down Sixth Avenue to cheering crowds and taking more than 300 selfies with fans. It has been an absolute roller coaster!






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Finlay Wilson

Finlay Wilson lives in Dundee, Scotland, and works as a certified Forrest yoga instructor and bodyworker as well as a BBC content creator. He is the founder and principal teacher of Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks in Dundee and is a widely sought-after international yoga teacher.

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Kilted Yoga - Yoga Laid Bare

Lose yourself in the wilds of Scotland and reconnect with the natural world in this gorgeous little book that will make you look at yoga in a whole new way – kilt optional!