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Ways To Make Your Desk Awesome

Office space is often not particularly exciting or inspiring. It has been proven that your environment can seriously affect your productivity and energy levels, so white walls, a blank desk and fluorescent lighting might not be the most
stimulating space. However, there are ways you can create a personal and striking desk space for yourself.

Here are some ideas:

  • To start with, your space will look much better if it is clean, organised and tidy
  • Raise your computer to eye level with a stack of your favourite hardback books, records or magazines so you are not straining your neck
  • Get a plant or bring in bunches of flowers to add some life and colour
  • Add a lamp with a soft light to create instant atmosphere
  • Put some artwork into matching frames to create your own personal gallery
  • Treat yourself to some original, bright and colourful office supplies – think neon staplers and bright notebooks
  • Buy a mug that makes you smile or feel inspired
  • Use a pretty and bright tray organiser
  • Make your chair more comfortable by using a textured cushion
  • Get a tiny personal fridge for under your desk
  • Have pictures around you that make you smile – photographs of family and friends, or postcards you have collected during your travels
  • Keep little trinkets that people have given you in a small dish
  • Pin up inspirational quotes
  • Put a multicoloured rug on your floor

From Peace Of Mind: A Book Of Calm For Busy Mums by Georgina Rodgers £12.99