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Our Favourite Exercise Tracker Apps

To help you keep track when you’re out and about, we’ve put together a list of our top 3 fitness apps.

Nike Training Club

“I find it difficult to make time for exercise and I was recommended this app by a fit friend with the same problem. I’ve used it almost every day since. There are hundreds of workouts, some by sporty celebrities like Serena Williams and Ellie Goulding, others by Nike experts. They cover all sorts of sports and most just require a matt and some space. You also can choose them based on time (some are just 5 minutes long) or intensity and the app talks you through each move with videos showing the poses. If you want, you can log your progress and set yourself monthly programmes to complete. I use it at home on days when I’m stiff from sitting at my desk for ages and it’s made a massive difference to my mood and my overall fitness when I do other sports.” – Caitriona

Free on the app store.

Speedo Fit

 “Since getting into swimming as route to not just fitness but also mindfulness and stress relief, I’ve been using the Speedo Fit app to log my swims. The app is simple to use – simply log the number of lengths completed, the duration and use the ‘search’ function to locate and select the pool used. The app tracks the distance swum in metres, totting it up as you go, enabling you to set yourself monthly swimming targets. I love swimming and find the app really motivating.” – Liz

Free on the app store.


“Strava is great because it’s an easy way of accurately tracking your ride (or run) using just your phone, without any other expensive separate devices. It divides your ride into segments and for those segments you can see what your time was compared to everyone else who has the app, in particular any of your friends who use it. It’s very widely used so there’s loads of people doing the same segments as you every day. I like the competitive element this adds to my commute and it helps you measure progress if you’re training for an event.” – Lauren

Free on the app store.