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How Plants can Heal Any Situation

Pop a Plant Pill

When you’re feeling a little under the weather, nervous about a date or can’t concentrate at work, turn to plants. They have been proven to help in all these situations. Don’t eat them, whatever you do, just put them in your home and let them work their magic. All you need to do is give them a little love in return.

Feeling anxious?
What will help? Spider plant.
Why? People who keep plants and flowers in their home feel happier, less stressed and more relaxed. The spider plant is the perfect option. A low-maintenance foliage feature requiring little light and able to survive a less-than-reliable watering technique. These are virtually kill-resistant, so let go of those worries and see your mood soar as your plant-nurturing works wonders.

Feeling distracted?
What will help? Parlour palms.
Why? It’s scientific fact that houseplants increase productivity and memory retention. The calming influence of nature increases a person’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Forget sparse minimalism, a green
abundance will increase oxygen and leave you happier and more psychologically engaged. Go big with a palm that will keep a strict eye on regulating humidity and reducing carbon dioxide in your home.

Feeling blue?
What will help? Yellow ranunculus.
Why? Yellow is the best colour to create enthusiasm and can awaken your confidence and optimism. Bring back the sunshine and seek out strong pops of yellow in your home. Sunflowers may be out of season, but that’s no reason to forget the power of buzzing colours. The super-brights of the ranunculus make a perfect, multi-tasking purchase: guiltfree, functional blooms with serious swagger.

Feeling sleepy?
What will help? Mother-in-law’s tongue.
Why? Studies have shown that having plants in the bedroom can lead to a more restful sleep. And, although she might not sound it, mother-in-law’s tongue is perfect for tucking you in at night. Instead of taking in carbon dioxide and turning it to oxygen during the day, mother-in-law’s tongue is one of only a few plants that releases oxygen at night, making it the perfect plant to have in your bedroom, cleaning the air as you sleep.

Feeling poorly?
What will help? Rubber tree plant.
Why? Dry air and dust can irritate your senses. The microclimate around plants increases air humidity and reduces dust in the home by up to 20 per cent, therefore reducing the effects of a runny nose, sore eyes and sensitive throat. A rubber plant not only cleans the air and reduces dust, but it battles germs, too, by killing them while they’re
airborne. This process does not harm people or pets, but it can reduce the bacteria in a room by as much as 50 or 60 per cent.

Feeling uninspired?
What will help? Swiss cheese plant.
Why? From Matisse to Hockney, cheese plants have found their way into the homes of our favourite artists. Not only does the lure of the tropics fill the imagination with dreams of tigers and lions and bears, plants are proven to increase creativity by 45 per cent!

Forest Bathing 1

Forest bathing
Fancy getting outside to heal? Why not try the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’? It is, quite literally, spending time in a forest, soaking up the atmosphere, and it has been scientifically proven to boost your health. Japanese officials spent $4 million(!) dollars studying the effects of forest bathing, measuring the activity of cells in the immune system before and after exposure to the trees. The studies showed significant increases in cell activity in the week after a forest visit, and positive effects lasted a month. Why? It was due to essential oils in the forest air, mitted by the trees to protect themselves from germs and insects. Forest air doesn’t just feel good, it will actually improve your immune system.