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A Simple Face Mist from A Simple Table

Misting your face is a great skin prep before moisturising with a cream, serum or oil as the moisture from the mist will be locked in. It can also be used during the day to perk up your tired face and is great to carry around and use on long journeys, especially on flights, which are particularly drying for your skin. We have also used it as make-up remover after applying a thin layer of oil (coconut or our Face and Body oil works well- see the book for the recipe) and removing gently using cotton wool pads or a muslin cloth in the shower.

Rose water is a by-product of rose oil production; it helps balance out the skin’s pH levels and control excess oil. You should always make sure you buy 100 per cent organic pure rose water, which is distilled without any chemicals. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties mean it can help reduce redness of the skin and aid in healing. The astringent-like qualities mean it works well at cleaning the pores and toning.

Colloidal silver is a natural mineral solution containing silver ions and very small charged silver particles suspended in a medium (distilled water). In the past, silver was used to make cutlery and serving utensils and used in ‘upper class’ households for its antibacterial properties, so some silver would have been ingested and entered the bloodstream to help fight off infections (the ‘lower class’ ate from pweter which often caused lead poisoning(!)). Nowadays we don’t actually need silver in our diets, but we can still use it for its antibacterial properties, as research has found it is antimicrobial and can help boost the immune system. Some people even keep a small spray of pure colloidal silver on them to use on their daily commute instead of the usual antibacterial gels full of harsh chemicals and drying alcohol.


70ml rose water

30ml colloidal silver

Mix the two liquids in a sterilised dark glass bottle with a gentle spray nozzle. Store out of direct sunlight. It feels even better used straight from the fridge as a cooling mist. Spray on to your face morning and night before moisturising.

Recipe extracted from A Simple Table by Chi-San Wan and Natali Stajcic, published by Yellow Kite, £25
Photo credit: Emma Lee