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How to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life.

A must-read for every parent: in Self-Reg Dr Stuart Shanker offers a support system for children and parents designed to help them deal productively with stress, find equilibrium and, ultimately, thrive.

Today’s children are under serious stress – they are under pressure to succeed at school, pressure to fit in, and in regard to social media. Stress can also come from day-to-day-life, and affect even very young children: too much noise, being rushed, separation anxiety – the list of potential stressors is long. When kids are stressed and anxious, they often struggle to articulate what is troubling them and either start to misbehave, or else shut down and fail to communicate at all. This is often construed as ‘bad behaviour’ by parents, and treated as such.

In this ground-breaking parenting book, Stuart Shanker argues that teaching children the art of self-regulation will transform their behaviour by helping them to identify, talk about and manage their emotions. Self-reg, as he calls it, will help return to a balanced, productive state whenever they feel the need, so replenishing their energy and helping them to flourish. As parents, if we can learn to identify why a child is behaving as they are, so we can start to help them learn to self-regulate. This leads to a harmonious home and children who feel nurtured and supported.

Underpinned by science, Dr Shanker’s techniques have had a remarkable effect on children and parents alike, and thousands of teachers are using Self-Reg in schools across Canada to enhance the we’ll-being, behavior, and learning of their students. Now, his groundbreaking research is being published for the first time in this timely and practical guide for parents.

Mastering the art of self-regulation can help children learn to deal with experiences, overcome frustration, pay better attention, control impulses, engage better with others and enhance their learning capabilities. Self-Reg will inspire in parents a sense that their child can truly realise his or her potential, and give them the confidence to help their son or daughter develop the skills and emotional strength needed to navigate the pressures and stresses of the modern world.