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The Power of Mess

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399709255

Price: £16.99

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We are taught to hate mess, whether it’s an untidy bedroom or a chaotic divorce. But mess is important, because, like it or not, it is a big part of our lives and who we are. Things go wrong all the time and life rarely goes to plan. How do we stop that from being a recurring negative point in our lives, though?

Life is messy, the process of cleansing and healing is hard, and the only way is through. But what if the process of ‘sorting through’ didn’t have to feel as draining as it often does? What if there were a way of resolving life’s mess that could set you upon a path of discovering deeper and truer versions of yourself? What if the mess that comes up along the way liberated you into living an integrated, wholesome, blossoming life?

In The Power of Mess Samantha Lourie offers a way of working through the messy aspects of life that develops a sense of resilience and a quiet assurance that we will be okay. She encourages us to own the mess and see our lives as an epic journey where we pick up the pieces along the way and make something authentic out of them. The loss, hurt and mess are still there, but our perception of their place in our lives has changed.

We’ve dropped the old maps and manuals behind and started paving our own path through the mess. We are empowered because of it.

What's Inside

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When circumstances make you want to collapse in on yourself, S.C Lourie's tender, knowing voice will help you celebrate life rather than fear it. Her lifting words dance on the soul.
Becky Vollmer, author of You Are Not Stuck: How Soul-Guided Choices Transform Fear into Freedom
S.C Lourie is one of the most genuine and immensely creative writers on the scene right now and this book, The Power of Mess reflects that. Her insightful take on the harshest parts of life is powerful and refreshing and she shares it through her uniquely poetic and captivating writing style so that it gets right into your heart without you even realising. Before you know it, you are exhaling, through her reassuring words. What she has to share is special and I am telling everyone about this book.
Karen Salmansohn, best selling author of How to Be Happy, Dammit : A Cynic’s Guide to Spiritual Happiness and Bounce Back!: How to Thrive in the Face of Adversity
With The Power of Mess, S.C. Lourie invites us on an adventure into ourselves, and she serves as the most trustworthy and gentle guide. I've long been a fan of her gorgeous writing on social media, and this book beautifully reflects S.C.'s rich wisdom and poetic prose. She reminds us that even at our messiest, we are no less worthy of love, and helps us navigate through life's more difficult moments with self-compassion and tenderness. The book will have you loving yourself more, and I can't think of a better gift than that
Scott Stabile, author of Big Love and Enough as You Are
As a huge Samantha Lourie fan, I was thrilled to discover her first book, and it came at the perfect time. With young children, competing demands, and little time to myself, I am knee-deep in chaos; and I deeply appreciate Samantha's approach to finding peace, presence, balance, and even bliss in the mess. Both insightful and reassuring, her book is a guide to help you grow through what you go through instead of shutting down or drowning in shame. Whatever challenges you're dealing with, The Power of Mess will help you face it with an open heart and become your most empowered, resilient self in the process.
Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha
From word one, The Power of Mess spoke to me. Being a lifelong creative and deeply sensitive person, my coping skill has been avoiding the mess. Reading Samantha's book is like having a friend take your hand and, with the words of a poet who has stood exactly where you are, not only lead you through the mess, but give you eyes to see the beauty and the virtue of allowing your own life to emerge from it. Many people tell us what the problem is, but few so gently explain how, breath by breath, we can brave the process of fully inhabiting our life and and receive the gift that comes from the Mess.
Marabeth Quinn
We all have a mess. For each of us, somewhere, some corner of life isn't well-kept and pretty. It's the part we try to hide from others, and often even from ourselves. But no matter how practiced we've become at ignoring it, we know that on some level the mess is dulling our spark, closing our heart, and draining our lifeforce energy. The mess feels too unwieldy to tackle on our own, but now we don't have to! Thankfully, we now have authenticity-champion S.C. Lourie to bravely hold the flashlight with us as we learn to heal our personal messes with the only healing tool that ever works - raw, unflinching compassion and grace for ourselves in all our glorious messiness. With the skill of a therapist and soul of a poet, S.C. Lourie will lead you to extract from your mess the most precious treasure imaginable: your own tender, authentic, healed and shining self.
Lisa McCourt, millions-selling author of Free Your Joy and Founder of Joy School
I began reading The Power of Mess by Samantha C. Lourie between meetings and could not put it down. The book reads like a heartful conversation with a beloved friend. The book lifts your spirit, that I might be messy, but not messed up. Through her unique poetry and intimate prose styles, Samantha guides you through steps of self-discovery, self-affirmation, and opening your heart to the world. The book brings you clarity, courage, and hope. I am sharing this book with my family, friends, and therapy clients. A must-read.
Ardeshir Mehran, PhD. Psychologist and Founder, Human Work Studio, and the Bill of Emotional Rights; San Francisco
The power of mess is like a homecoming. A homecoming back to yourself, to gathering a sense of changeable control over your life where your resilience and sense of self is sharpened and you are more present to the whole of life because of it. More present and therefore more responsive. It's in this responsiveness that your sense of the world subsequently gets into working order as well. You start to notice things you would have just walked past a few years or seasons back because of being in the heart of overwhelm without a toolkit or support system to navigate through it. We become more available, accessible and self-responsible in our relationships with our bodies, our homes, the people we love and live with, our neighbourhoods and this new dynamic to live from continues to spread outward to our Planet Earth. Essentially, in this growing sense of belonging and active participation, we create and continue the regenerating properties in not just being alive but feeling alive and fully living while we are here. Thanks so much Samantha for giving us a way to face the messy stuff in ourselves, so that we can create flourishing lives, communities and planet
Lou Hamilton, author of Fear Less and Dare to Share