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A Judgement-Free Guide to Feeding Your Baby

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399731904

Price: £16.99

ON SALE: 8th August 2024

Genre: Health & Personal Development

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A go-to guide for parents seeking evidence-based advice for navigating the initial (and often wobbly) stages of feeding and nurturing a newborn.

Recognised for her reassuring and encouraging voice, trusted by parents and midwives alike, this book is your one-stop, supportive guide to feeding your baby, no matter which route you take: breastfeeding, expressed milk, formula milk or a combination.

There’s no wrong or right when it comes to feeding – it’s what works for you and your baby. This handy resource with advice on feeding cues, length and frequency of feeds, positioning and attachment for breastfeeding, how to supplement if needed, pumping, bottle-feeding and teat size, mixed feeding pros and cons, plus a truly comprehensive section dealing with challenges, ensures the key information is distilled with clarity. But more than that this book is delivered with compassion, making sure we, as parents, get that warm reassuring hug that we’re good enough.


This is an incredibly practical and helpful book, full of myth busting tips and alternative approaches. It is supportive and non-judgemental, which is just what you need to get you through those initial few months. I wish I'd had this when I was breastfeeding!
Ms Christina Coroyannakis, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Olivia's book is just like Olivia herself: matter of fact, easy to understand, relatable, and with oodles of compassion for the reality of parenthood. Offering a concise and easily digestible roadmap, it serves as a go-to guide for soon-to-be parents seeking evidence-based advice for navigating the initial (and often wobbly) stages of parenthood and nurturing their newborns. It's easy to get overwhelmed by breastfeeding information, but Olivia manages to distill everything down to its core elements while ensuring vital insights aren't overlooked, resulting in a captivating and informative read that any parent will benefit from.
Charlotte Treitl, IBCLC, @themilkrebel