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(Re)Create Yourself

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‘This book is my own personal path of self-healing. It describes my path from a lonely, frightened, untrusting and co-dependent little girl, to a woman who taught herself to love herself unconditionally, and who then opened herself to love, and to be loved by others. Who gave herself all her power back.’ – Dorota Stanczyk

Using Dorota’s personal path of self-healing and what she learned along the way this book will guide you through the process of accepting yourself unconditionally. It will show you how self-love is the key to personal growth and fulfilment.

Drawing on the teaching of some of the most well-respected teachers in the personal development space, and including tools for digging deep into ourselves and asking the key questions, this audiobook provides a clear pathway for personal growth and closing in on the elusive search for happiness.

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What's Inside

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A true masterpiece on self-love and self awareness that are the keys to unlock your true gifts and to create fulfilling relationships. A must read to access with ease your true inner power.
Dame Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master, starring in The Secret
If you care deeply about your relationships and seek long-term happiness then put this book on your required reading list. You will learn to empower yourself, speak your truth, become more confident but mostly you will be guided on how to connect to your needs, desires and dreams and how to fulfil them. This book will give you the boost you need to believe in yourself.
Jason Goldberg, author of Prison Break
There are many books on love, but not so many books on self-love. This book is about the art of accepting yourself unapologetically, no matter where you are, who you are and what you are. It teaches you to understand yourself and your relationships better so you can live a more joyful, fulfilling and peaceful life.
Russel Simmons, record executive, writer, and film producer
It's not without pain that our path through life is charted. It's not without hardship that our insight shines to deliver us to enlightenment. Of pain, Dorota has had her fair share. Of hardship, she has had enough to tread the path of the spiritual beings that have come to teach us what we today call happiness. Dorota's path to healing her wounds came in her ability to love her scars. In this book, she has distilled the essence of what she learned along the way, to help guide you through the process of accepting yourself unconditionally and, in doing so, to learn how self-love is the key to personal growth and a life of fulfilment. Love is a feeling and self-love is the most elusive of all love. Page by page you will meet yourself, perhaps for the first time, and you will like the one you will meet. Life is a journey, you should take it with those you love and learn to love the one that's always traveling with you - yourself. It will be the biggest gift you will ever receive.
Mo Gawdat, chief business officer for Google X and author of Solve for Happy
Dorota is one of the powerful, creatively nuanced and compassionate voices of our generation. She has a way of translating relevant and complex philosophies and making them accessible and tangible. Take the time to engage with her work. We need visionaries of the New Earth like Dorota to cultivate and develop cultures and ways of being for the future of humanity.
Nicole Gibson, Founder of Love Out Loud and Former Australian Federal Commissioner of Mental Health
Dorota's journey is not only inspiring but also empowering. Her openness, honesty and boldness to reveal the most vulnerable parts of herself and her journey allow us to do the same for ourselves. This book teaches us to love, to accept, to own and to transform. I highly recommend it!
Jim Kwik, author of Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life
It's difficult to describe this book in one word, but I'll give it a shot: transformational. Each section, exercise and story is intended to move you though degrees of self-reflection that allow you to understand both yourself and your relationships better. The outcome is greater peace of mind coupled with a more fulfilling, peaceful and joyful life. Indeed, you're transformed into a more authentic and sincere you. From the poetic to the sublime and practical, this is an enriching, inspiring book. Dive into it for a terrific read. I simply love it.
Oz Garcia, pioneer nutritionist, biohacker and author