Start The Day With A Quick LifeTonic From Jody Shield


Do you want to:

1. Learn how to let go of painful baggage from the past?

2. Come to a new understanding of yourself, and gain fresh insights into the way the universe works?

3. Enrich your life on every level and start to achieve your true potential?

4. Learn how to sparkle and shine from the inside out?

5. Get high on life?

6. Heal your heart and transform your relationships?

7. Or all of the above?

That’s exactly what Jody Shield’s new book, LifeTonic is for. We’re so excited to be publishing it in April. Today we’re going to start the day with a quick LifeTonic from Jody, to give you a sense of her thought-provoking process, calm pace and mesmerising voice. Just click on the image below to watch her morning video.


Jody Video 2

And you can find lots more meditations from Jody on her YouTube channel





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Jody Shield

Jody Shield's first meditation was in the Peruvian Jungle, but these days she's more likely to be found in the boardrooms of the world's biggest brands. Her name is reverently whispered among London's highest fliers as the must-see consultant for health and wellbeing. She is known for helping people overcome stress, anxiety and fears associated with living in the modern world. Whatever the issue, Jody can help get to the core of the problem, heal yourself and find a lasting solution.

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Jody Shield’s LifeTonic offers a unique and relevant combination of mindfulness, meditation and healing to give you a kick-ass attitude and a new frame of reference.