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Calm yourself with colouring

Our lives are busy and full of distraction. We crave stillness and calm from the pressures of the modern world. One way to relax and unwind is with some adult colouring in books- creativity is not just for kids!

Yellow Kite publishes 100 Mandalas for Mindfulness and Cat Therapy, taking a traditional and irreverent approach to this genre. In 100 Mandalas each pattern is based around the ancient idea of the mandala, a meditation aid. The mandala helps to create a moment of quiet by focusing the mind and it helps us to notice our connection with the world in the here and now. On the other hand, there is nothing more soothing than to caress a cat. Cat Therapy lulls you into calm by colouring in purring cats, as Leonardo Di Vinci said, even ‘the smallest feline is a masterpiece’.

We recommend being daring with colour and trying new techniques: felt-tips, pencils, ballpoint pens and glitter. Each page is an opportunity to reflect your mood and express your true self.

Download some of these and try it out – click on the image to download:

From Cat Therapy

download cat colouring sample 1 download cat colouring sample 2 download cat colouring sample 3

From 100 Mandalas for Mindfulness

Colouring Mandala sample 1 Colouring Mandala sample 2

You can colour in alone or use this as an opportunity to spend time quietly and calmly together with friends or family. One of our readers runs a great YouTube channel where she colours and listens to audiobooks alongside her viewers. Check out fab @NicolePoweleit‘s crafting circle here, where she colours in Cat Therapy & listens to Austen!