From Chaos to Calm


If your home life is anything like ours, your mental to-do list may look a little like this:

  • Where are my keys?
  • The school holidays are nearly here and I just noticed an out-of-date passport
  • It was Granny’s birthday two weeks ago and we haven’t even sent a card
  • The front door no longer opens properly because of the piles of shoes in the way
  • The supermarket delivery arrived but no one was home to receive it
  • We’ve eaten three takeaways this week because there was no time to cook a proper meal
  • I haven’t had a haircut in a year and look feral

Scandi social entrepreneur Eva Jarsldotter is here to fix our anxiety-inducing organisation issues. She draws on her own experience of juggling work commitments and the hectic schedules of her three children – and explains how she turned it all around using LEAN.

LEAN is a philosophy embraced by the most creative and successful organisations around the world, from Nike to Toyota. You don’t usually hear of LEAN outside the world of business; Eva is the first to apply it’s efficient principals in an easy plan, so we can get our sh*t together at home.  

LEAN will remove waste: wasted time, wasted energy, wasted money.

LEAN will give you the gift of time.

In a few easy steps, Eva walks us through how:

  • We can create and maintain an orderly home – farewell piles of dirty laundry, goodbye bed sheets that haven’t been changed in a month!
  • We can stop being on the back foot with tedious life admin: what’s my internet banking password?; the fridge is empty; must book childcare etc.
  • We can unite the family so that everyone takes responsibility instead of one member becoming overburdened. Kids as young as two will feel empowered with this plan.

So long chaos and resentment! Hello G+T in an orderly space.





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