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Emma Hatcher

Emma Hatcher: A Day In The Life

Emma Hatcher has suffered from a sensitive gut for as long as she can remember. After years of horrible symptoms and endless frustration she came across the Low FODMAP Diet and has never looked back. Determined to share her story and help others in the same position, she set up her hugely popular food and lifestyle […]

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The inner fix help you prepare for your future relationships

The Inner Fix: Exercises to help your future relationships

Help yourself in your future relationships with these fantastic and thoughtful exercises from The Inner Fix. Taking Stock of Your Past Relationships 1) Write a list of all your past (serious) relationships. For each one, write the following: The good qualities each partner possessed. The bad qualities each partner possessed. The positive aspects of the […]

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france featured

3 wonderful places to get away from everything

One of the most wonderful things about working for a living is having time off from working for a living! And living in London means that when we go on holiday we tend to like places where the pace of life, to put it mildly, somewhat slower: ideally slowing to a complete standstill so that […]

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Origami blog

Origami Fails & Successes

Since the publication of the masterful, magical, motivational, Mindful Origami the Yellow Kite team have gone from origami fails to successes! We thought we’d share some of the results with you. Here are some of our folding attempts before we read The Book of Mindful Origami : Now we have unfolded our minds with Sam’s advice we’re […]

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Calmer Easier Happier Homework

All parents want their child to get the most out of school and to acquire the knowledge and skills that will stand them in good stead for later life. But with an ever-expanding curriculum, increasing class sizes, and the lure of TV and computer games, parents are sometimes at a loss as to how to […]

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CEH Screen Time extract

Calmer, Easier, Happier Screen Time Q&A with Noel Janis-Norton

Parenting expert Noel Janis-Norton answers some of the most common questions parents have in relation to limiting the screen time of their children. Q: This screen time reward plan seems very rigid. What’s the harm in being more flexible? A: Of course you can make occasional exceptions to your usual screen limits. If the World […]

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Exercise apps

Our Favourite Exercise Apps

To help you when you’re out and about, we’ve put together a list of our top 3 fitness apps.    Nike Training Club “I find it difficult to make time for exercise and I was recommended this app by a fit friend with the same problem. I’ve used it almost every day since. There are […]

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My digital detox

My digital detox

It all started by accident. My partner and I had booked a holiday to one of the Dodecanese islands, a beautiful paradise that we could scarcely believe we could afford: sunshine, sand and seafood and all in the middle of October! Once we landed, headed to the coast, got the boat across to the island […]

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The Perfect Movie to Help You Beat the January Blues

Are you feeling miserable, tired and longing for better days? Do you dream of an escape, or a big change that will take you away from all this? Whatever you are going through there is a story that can help you not only beat the January blues, but set you up for the rest of […]

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Mindfulness tips for Worriers from Padraig O’Morain

Mindfulness for Worriers author Padraig O’Morain has given us these fantastic mindfulness tips for helping you regain you inner balance and help reduce anxiety, stress and worry. Aimed at anyone who is stressed or anxious, as well as people suffering from more extreme levels of anxiety, these tips provide effective mindfulness techniques as and practical advice on […]

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