Author: Caitriona Horne

Neural pathways

Into the Magic Shop- Compassion and Neuroscience

Extract from the Introduction to Into the Magic Shop by James R Doty MD There’s a certain sound the scalp makes when it’s being ripped off of a skull—like a large piece of Velcro tearing away from its source. The sound is loud and angry and just a little bit sad. In medical school they […]

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Yoga Girl Surfboard

Feeling sunny: handstands & recipes from Rachel Brathen

Handstand Insights and Raw Vegan Bounty Bliss Recipe from Rachel Brathen, Yoga Girl Adho Muka Vrksasana/ Handstand Begin in Downward-Facing Dog. Take a step forward and lift one leg up. You want the shoulders to align with the wrists and the thumbs pressing down on the mat. Wrap the triceps back, keep the hips squared and […]

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Ella's Porridge

A breakfast recipe with Deliciously Ella Everyday

SPEEDY PORRIDGE, FOUR WAYS Porridge is my favourite breakfast and in winter I eat it almost every day. This is the best version for weekday mornings as you soak the oats while you get dressed, so they only need to cook for a few minutes. All four flavours are delicious and I mix them up […]

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Mindfulness for Worriers

This accessible book provides readers with mindfulness-based techniques to reduce worry, anxiety, stress and panic attacks. It will help readers deal with anxiety-inducing episodes by learning to accept and overcome strong emotions without getting caught up in negative and damaging thoughts. Aimed at anyone who is stressed or anxious, as well as people suffering from […]

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Gratitude Diaries

The Gratitude Diaries

It’s easy to look at others and think how lucky they are, and sometimes finding the positives in our own lives can be hard. Success is often measured in tangible ways, and as we strive to achieve more and get more, we forget that it’s often the simple things that can bring us the most […]

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Beyond Willpower

Did you know that most self-help programmes have a 97% failure rate? The truth is that the standard self-help mantra of tapping into your willpower and using the power of positive thinking is actually a blueprint for failure. In Beyond Willpower, bestselling author and psychological counsellor Alex Loyd, reveals the definitive step-by-step programme to help […]

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One Million Lovely Letters

In the summer of 2011, aged only 22, Jodi Ann Bickley contracted a serious brain infection that would change her life forever. Jodi had been performing at Camp Bestival on the Isle of Wight. Returning with pockets full of glitter, and her favourite bands’ songs still playing in her head, She thought the happy memories […]

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couple separation

Can A Relationship End Well?

Before Gwyneth used it to describe her split from Chris Martin, Katherine Woodward Thomas coined the term ‘conscious uncoupling’ and used her 5-step process to support countless couples through the thorny terrain of a break-up. No-one wants to go through it, but Woodward Thomas tells us that divorce and separation can be managed well, leaving […]

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blowing bubbles

What does happiness mean to us?

What does happiness mean to us? Where does it come from? Can we really decide to be happy? We all spend our lives searching for that one thing we think will finally make us content; a promotion at work, those amazing shoes, having the perfect home. But is happiness something deeper than that, more fundamental? […]

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