Author: Caitriona Horne

Future Tree

Some Peace of Mind for Mother’s Day

One of the lovely ideas for calm and meditation in Peace of Mind by Georgina Rogers is to draw a future tree. Starting with the tree outline, like in the image above, draw branches off full of your future plans, hopes and dreams. You can reflect on these as you do so and whenever you see it […]

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Tips on healthy eating from kids!

Tips from the experts – my kids! I asked my oldest kids (a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old) for their ideas and tips on how I could get them eating the healthy things I offer them. This is what they came up with: Don’t give us new foods when we are in a bad mood and […]

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Broccoli Meatballs

A plant-based recipe for plant-haters: Broccoli Meatballs

The much-loved traditional meatball is a classic and a staple in many households, so I wanted to create a plant-friendly version that my kids would still plead for and my husband and I could enjoy as a meal. Voilà – I give you the broccoli ‘meatball’. You can serve these the traditional way – topped […]

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Mindful Origami- MindFOLDness

We’ll be revealing top tips for MindFOLDness from  The Book of Mindful Origami here and on social media, so keep your eyes peeled. Below is a quick sneak peak at the Tulip model which we’re practising right now! We’d love to see your creations, share them with us #mindfoldness @MindfulOrigami and @YellowKiteBooks on social media.

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Why you should switch off that smartphone

Why you should switch off that smartphone and be more digitally mindful. Look around you on a train, in a queue or in a café and chances are most people are glued to their smartphones. They’re often the first thing we check when we wake up on a morning and the last thing we look […]

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Little Green Home

Little Green Home: A Day In The Life

Kate Aasa is a mum of one and founder of Little Green Home, an online platform and business launching February 2016, which offers organic baby products and expert advice for a cleaner, greener home. Kate says: My days start bright and early at 5.30am, as my toddler is a very early riser! I start the […]

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Love Pancakes

A Sirtfood Diet Pancake Recipe

Buckwheat pancakes with strawberries, dark chocolate sauce and crushed walnuts MAKES AROUND 6–8 PANCAKES, DEPENDING ON THE SIZE For the pancakes you will need: 350ml milk 150g buckwheat flour 1 large egg 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, for cooking For the chocolate sauce 100g dark chocolate (85 per cent cocoa solids) 85ml milk 1 […]

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Yoga Hand

Hand Yoga for Repetitive Strain Injuries, from MUDRAS

“What happens to your mood when you are sitting in traffic, stand- ing in line at the counter, missing the train, twiddling your thumbs at the computer, laying in bed with the flu or a broken bone, or after preparing a meal and your loved ones aren’t home? These can all be times of aggrava- […]

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Persia and Joey

Get addicted to the good stuff with Addictive Daughter

Persia and Joey met while studying acting at Drama Centre London. In 2012 they set up Addictive Daughter – an alternative, positive online community offering honest life advice. Through their humorous, practical & relatable approach, they’re determined to remove the stigma of self-help & spirituality and make it accessible to their generation. Persia and Joey […]

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Three Lovely Letters from Jodi Ann Bickley

These three letters from One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann Bickley demonstrate how ‘for the price of a stamp you can change someone’s day’ and hopefully inspire you to spread happiness too! Dear Jodi (aged 22), You look amazing! Stop worrying about how big your arms are because they aren’t. Stop being a div. […]

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